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Not only do I spend my days with pets of all kinds, but I also spend much of my free time reading and learning and what goes on in the pet world.  So here I am to share anything and everything from my life with the pet’s of Lexington, KY to general information that can help you and your pet lead a happy and healthy life!

February is Pet Dental Health Month.  How many of you have been to the vet and been told you need the dreaded, expensive teeth cleaning?  It is hard to remember to take care of everything in life and your pet’s teeth may not be high on that list in your busy life.  Poor dental health can lead to many other problems with your pets health.

Mark your calendars, set out your pet’s toothbrushes in  a place you can see them and start on PREVENTATIVE CARE.


Look for treats that help with dental health too.  It’s an easy way to keep those teeth looking good!

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