Parks in Lexington, KY

One thing I love most about my job (dog walker) is that each client lives somewhere different and I get the chance to explore different areas of town quite a bit- especially the parks in Lexington. Here are some thoughts about the places I have my daily adventures.

Masterson Station has been on my daily schedule for quite some time. Luckily I have lots of area in this park to change it up when I come to this park. This park is great with the hills. I find this can wear the dogs out going up and down the hill. They have a wonderful dog park area but I personally prefer outside the dog parks with what I do. Too much risk to be around other dogs. The dogs I walk are usually great but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t have an encounter and two or more dogs not “meshing”. I also like Masterson Station because you can park numerous places and change it up each day. I find going by the horse stables is fun and secluded and we feel like we have miles of land all to ourselves. It makes for a great day!

 photo 2012-12-31160524.jpg

Another place I absolutely love and is newer on my list is Henry Clay’s estate. This is in the Chinoe area of town and I absolutely love my walks here. It’s not too busy except for your occasional tourists and some other dog friends. Not only are you walking around and looking at history with the buildings and statues but you are also surrounded by some gorgeous parts of nature. I feel like I’m going back in time when I walk “Oliver” around here. Oliver loves the quietness this walk brings and this is the perfect walking place in the winter months while the estate is closed for tours. Once the tours open back up I imagine this will change but for now we are enjoying having the park “almost” to ourselves most days.

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We frequent a lot more parks that I’ll add in time but these two places are at the top of my list right now. What are your favorite parks to bring your dogs in the Lexington areas?

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