Insurance in the Dog Walking/Pet Sitting Industry

When I first started my business, one of the things that people told me over and over was that you would need insurance. Insurance for watching pets? Why? I didn’t quite understand and therefore I figure most people do not understand why it is in their benefit to chose a pet sitter that is not only insured but bonded.

I thought the easiest way would be to go right to my own insurance’s quarterly newsletter and share some of the claims. The Pet Gurl is insured and bonded through Pet Sitters Associates, LLC and one of the benefits is the great site and updates as needed by mail. If I didn’t understand the whole insurance thing before, Pet Sitters Associates has helped me understand.

Here are the examples-

Two dogs got into a fight, one was injured
Dogs ingested part of a leather belt, requiring vet care
While walking four dogs, one dog bit another dog in the member’s care
Dog in member’s care bit a passerby
Lost clients keys- re-keyed home (never happened to me but this makes my clients feel better when having to hand over a key, which is a big decision!)
Puppy jumped out of chair and broke their legs

Bonded- basically protects property that may be stolen out of your home.

Of course I hope never to use my insurance but it does provide both me and my clients extra protection if something does happen while their pets are in my care. Bonded is important once you hire employees for your pet sitting business. I can guarantee that I would never think of stealing but you don’t necessarily know 100% about people you hire.

The extra cost for insurance is something that some sitters avoid. It can be a little hard to swallow at first but the insurance and bonding is something that sets you apart from a lot of the pet sitters/dog walkers out there. It shows you are responsible and will take the extra step to make sure everything goes OK while your pets are in their care. If you hire a pet sitter or dog walker, you should have some peace of mind if they can show you they are bonded and insured.

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