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I am going to do a series on being a good client. Why is this important? Pet sitting is new to some and some of you are pros in this game. I often meet people that don’t know much about this whole process. And that’s OK! I have learned a lot along the way too. I recently came across a great article that highlights some things you can do to be a good client. The following is an expert from Pet Sitters International that goes over thanking your pet sitter-

How to Thank Your Pet Sitter

October 15, 2012

Should I tip my pet sitter?

At Pet Sitters International, we are often asked, “should I tip my pet sitter?” Truth be told, many of our member pet sitters tell us they do not expect a tip from clients. Your repeat business is compliment enough!

However, pet sitters are service providers who often work seven days a week, 365 days a year just so you can have the peace of mind they provide in caring for your beloved pet(s) when you’re unable to do so. It’s an occupation that is built upon trust, dependability, professionalism and a love of animals. It’s not surprising that you want to “give them the moon” in appreciation for their services.

If this is the case (and we hope that you’re this happy with your pet sitter!), then a monetary gift is always appreciated. The amount is up to you but 10-20% of the total bill seems to be the standard for those who choose to tip their pet sitter.

Unique ways to thank your pet sitter.

A special gift from your vacation: If you know your pet sitter collects animal figurines or could fill a beautiful basket you found in the Caribbean with their pet’s toys, consider a “thank you” of this type.
Pet Sitter greeting card: Since in-home pet care has become the preferred option, many greeting card manufacturers now offer cards tailored specifically to “thank my pet sitter.” Sometimes these are written from the pet’s viewpoint and are always a hit with our members.
Tshirts, Sweatshirts or other useful item: Due to the nature of their work, pet sitters often live in t-shirts, sweatshirts and carry a myriad of supplies with them. Cute pet-sitting themed or animal-themed t’s and sweats are useful niceties as are heavy-duty shoulder bags that can take lots of wear and tear. You can find a great selection of these items at the The Pet Sitter Shop.

Plan ahead when you need a pet sitter!

Understanding your pet sitter’s time away from their business is an important gift you can provide. Due to high demand, it’s often hard for pet sitters to have “down time” but necessary if a good pet sitter is to stay well and avoid burnout. Give your pet sitter as much notice as you can of assignments and ask if there is a certain time (or times) they will not be available for pet-sitting visits. This will allow you to plan accordingly while ensuring you get the best in pet care.

If nothing else, we advocate that pet sitters attend PSI’s annual educational conference which is typically held mid-to late September each year. The conference provides educational sessions which allow pet sitters to stay current on pet care trends. It also allows time for valuable networking with other pet sitters who share the same questions, concerns and experiences! The conference is always rejuvenating to those in the field of professional pet sitting—so insist that your pet sitter be a part of it!

Nominate your pet sitter for the most prestigious award in the industry.

And last, but certainly not least, you can show your appreciation for your pet sitter by nominating him or her for PSI’s Pet Sitter of the Year Award. This is our industry’s highest honor and it is bestowed upon one amazing pet sitter each year. Click here to learn more about this Award and how you can nominate your pet sitter.

More than likely, your pet sitter knows how deeply grateful you are to him or her and feels much the same way about you and your pets. That’s usually the way it goes when a match is made between a good pet sitter and a good pet owner! But we hope you find the information we’ve shared in this article to be helpful as to ways to thank your special pet sitter!

I have to say The Pet Gurl already has amazing clients! We don’t expect nor do we favor anyone that happens to tip. We realize that this can be an extra expense to hire good care for your pets as it is. There are many ways that are not monetary that are mentioned here that are worth looking at. Reviewing your pet sitter online for instance is priceless!

I will be sharing some more excerpts from this article over the next little bit. I hope you find the information as insightful and helpful as I do!


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