We aren’t in Texas anymore!


A few tidbits about myself and my mom (Melissa). We grew up moving a lot. I was born in Washington state. Moved to Denver, CO to begin elementary school, and moved to Chicago in which we resided from 1990-1998. Snow isn’t new to me. My first pictures I was bundled up about to fall over from the big jacket my mom had me in that weighed about twice my size and Mt. Saint Helens in the background.  I remember walking to the bus stop in Chicago winters knee deep in snow and getting to school with the hallways wet from the students bringing in snow.  Never in my 8 years did we cancel school for snow.  We had one day off and that was from freezing temps.  Ahhh those were the days.  Then after my freshman year of high school we decided to ditch the snow and cold and opted for a little dirty south life and headed on down to Baton Rouge.  My new friends in Baton Rouge thought snow was something that only happened in movies.  I told them stories of this foreign concept and they were fascinated.  Now instead of snow we traded for sweat.  Yes lots and lots of sweat from the very thick air in swamp country.  Two years later it was time to move again. Were we going back up to snowy weather because we missed it so much?  Nope!  We headed on over to Texas where my family resided and made our home.  Snow came every now and then to Dallas, Texas where Melissa lived and where I (Erin) graduated high school.  Erin was a little further south in Austin, Texas from the start of college and it did not snow there but maybe a dusting in 8 years. The only time I remember snow was in 2009 and I brought my kids out to play. I had to dig up their winter jackets from the attic because we rarely used them.  After 30 minutes of getting them dressed I got them outside and they told me it was cold and this wasn’t fun.  I found some pictures of our exciting snow day and I didn’t even own a winter coat for my oldest apparently looking at what I had him in. Here was the thoughts on snow in Texas


<a href=”http://s19.photobucket.com/user/cyndarely/media/r90_b_112813.jpg.html” target=”_blank”><img src=”http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b168/cyndarely/r90_b_112813.jpg” border=”0″ alt=” photo r90_b_112813.jpg”/></a>


So moving to Kentucky I figured we were still in the clear.  It IS the south right?  I expected some cold but not this snow thing would not be like my Chicago experience but more like my Texas snow experience.  It would arrive, look pretty, give some photo ops and then go on it’s way.


This isn’t technically my first snow in Kentucky but it is Melissa’s.  And it came in full force this time!  I may have jinxed the whole state when I recently said we may have gotten out of my parent’s first winter here without much harm, oops!


So what does this have to do with The Pet GurL?  Well this week was quite crazy for us.  We ended up stuck in neighborhoods, dealing with cars that wouldn’t move.  At some points even stuck in driveways that were covered in snow.  It was a mess.  But the care of your pets is very important to us.  So in situations where we needed to be there because there was no other choice, we made it.  Next post we will address backup plans for emergency situations.  Do you have one?  What is it?  This week has made me really look at what ours is and what it needs to be going forward.  Stay tuned!!



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