Life… it changes and so are we….

Hello friends! It has been awhile and wanted to give you guys an update and a few important announcements. 2015 has been nothing less than hectic over here so any delays in communication or if we have been unable to get to all new requests I am truly sorry.

Your babies are all our babies and we are truly blessed to be a small part of your family. This picture is of some special babies in our life and the motivation behind so much that we do. You may have met them or heard about Laci, Austin and Gavin (or my boys Jax and Zeke). Behind the scenes they are a part of this all- giving up their holidays, weekends or at times even their rooms to support The Pet GurL. Without their support and love for animals this all would have been very different the past 4 plus years. On Easter Sunday a tragedy hit us and Laci, my 11 year old stepdaughter lost her mom unexpectedly due to a brain aneurysm. Suddenly all of the plans we had in our life came to a halt and we have slowly tried to pick up the pieces and transition Laci to our home full time and help her cope with the new reality of life without her mommy.


I am sharing this to let everyone know why it has been more difficult to keep up and accommodate all requests this month. Melissa, my wonderful mother, has been wonderful and able to handle a lot and thankful more than ever for her hard work that allowed me some time with my family. Going forward we still have a lot to figure out but are going to get things moving with some new wonderful sitters/walkers that have been patiently waiting to get started. I am still going to be actively doing walks during the day and involved but I realized this past month that contrary to what I thought, I am not Super Woman and it’s OK to need help. I am working with someone on our site and will have some updated guidelines coming soon, but for now please keep in mind that it may be Melissa or one of the new sitters that will be helping out and if any arrangements need to be made prior to any visits please plan ahead accordingly. We will do our best to have the sitter come meet you guys beforehand if it won’t be someone you are familiar with already. But notice for this is extremely important.  If a meeting isn’t possible, please be assured that we have a wonderful system setup with instructions for every client and are confident that our sitters will have all that is needed to help each and every one of you.  If you have summer plans and need services the sooner the better as it is our busiest season and I personally won’t be able to take on as much as past years. So far everyone I have individually spoken with has been so great in their understanding and flexibility with this situation and for that I am truly grateful.

Also a new change that we are implementing in May is our online scheduling system. I will need to get everyone setup and requests for visits will need to go there going forward. This way you can be assured it is seen and you won’t wonder if I received your text. The system is called Leashtime ( and is very user friendly. It will also allow you to pay your bill online and view your balance, update care or home instructions yourself (no more notes each time- everything will be saved!), and view notes from your sitter all in one place. We have been using it successfully and exclusively and it has been amazing. We are now ready to move forward with you all using it and will assist in any way with this transition. Change can be scary but I promise this is one that will benefit everyone in the longrun.

Finally, for the first time in over 4 years I am taking a major holiday off. I will be gone for a week around the 4th of July from June 27-July 5.  This was the only time we could manage with our schedules so as hard as it is for me to take off during a busy holiday weekend, I need to do so.  So we have almost 2 months to transition to our new system and have everyone comfortable. My kids dared me to turn my phone off during our trip and while I am not sure I will go that far I do hope to have things running well where it is possible

I will be contacting everyone and sending emails to get setup so please be looking for that.  I know we have been texting in the past for a good majority of visits and going forward I ask that scheduling be done through Leashtime once you get your logins.  Unlike the past, I am going to take a day off here and there and if you want to guarantee your request is seen and granted, this will be the way to do it.  If I am busy then you don’t have to worry as it will be seen by someone and we will get you taken care of.  But I can’t guarantee if we don’t see it on Leashtime. I am a huge texter as most of you know but having a hard time keeping up as of late with so many texts all day and I don’t want anything to slip through the cracks.  I will emphasize this more as you get logins and help in any way.  For other issues you can still text for now but will also have more communication through Leashtime as we get people transitioned.  If you haven’t gotten your login yet then you can continue as you have been until that point.


Our site will be down for maintenance while we work on revamping it with new logo and all!  So will likely start the Leashtime process after we get the site back up and going.  I will outline specific instructions and new guidelines to follow in more detail at that time.  We still want to work with every one of you and be as flexible as we can but we see ways to make it easier all around so are going forward in a new direction to make that possible.  Thank you everyone for keeping my family in your thoughts and prayers as many of you do know what we have been going through and been extremely kind and understanding.  We are very blessed to have such a great client base- the best in the business!

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