Why hire a dog walker?

How many of us work a 8-5 job?  These days the hours are likely longer at most jobs!  Imagine sitting at work (or even home) and not being able to use the bathroom for those hours?  Yikes!  I couldn’t make it so do you think your dogs enjoy it?  Nope.  When I use to work an office job I ran home at lunch EVERY single day for years.  I would let my dogs out, grab a snack for lunch and rush back hoping I didn’t go past my 60 minutes allotted lunch time.  I don’t even want to think of the miles I put on my car and the amount of gas making that 20 minute trek to and from to make sure my poor doggies were able to relieve themselves during my work day.  My small walk around the block helped my dogs relieve themselves but I still came home to three WILD dogs.  They were a mess! After work I would walk them 30-45 minutes just so I could take a nap at times.  Because there was no way after being away from all day that my babies were going to let me just relax. They were ready to GO and GO some more.  It was exhausting!  Does any of this sound familiar?  Whether you work or you are home and this story seems to hit home, you may need a dog walker.

We get calls for all different scenarios.  Here are some of the most common reasons our clients hire us:

-Dogs(s) are high energy breed.  Owners do not have time to put in due to crazy schedules to get their energy out.  Longer walks help bring about calmer dogs for when owners get home or for owners that may be home but can’t walk with their dogs

-Owners work long hours and they have a puppy, older dog, or just a dog that can’t hold it that dreaded 9 plus hours while they are working. They actually want their lunch breaks to eat- crazy idea huh?

– Owners are home but not able to walk.  Some work at home and are jam packed during their days with work.  Some have an illness or disability preventing them from the physical exertion the walk can bring

-Some owners call us every day, some have us on call when a busy day comes up

-Dog owners would like dog to go to dog park and work on socialization with other dogs as well as running some energy out

-Dogs are not good on the leash.  They go crazy when walking and owners call on us to practice getting them better on the leash and out on a walk

These are just some of the reasons we are called upon to walk dogs in Lexington, Kentucky!  So this is probably just for big and wild dogs right!  You may be thinking, my dog isn’t big and doesn’t require much.  Well let me stop you right there, every size and every breed needs daily walks.  We walk Poodles and we walk Great Danes! They all benefit immensely from the time with our walkers!

To understand the need for walks let’s get down to the basics.  Dogs have been around for many many years, before The Pet GurL even was born.  And before they were our companions they were primal animals out in the wild.  Dogs ran in packs and each morning they set out in a pack walk to gather food for the day.  This is a primal instinct for dogs that isn’t met by playing in the backyard for a little bit.  While that’s good exercise, it doesn’t replace the walk.

A walk is not only good for your dogs physical well being but the mental stimulation and different smells meets other basic needs and results in an all around healthier dog.  We often change our paths on walks if possible to change up the mental stimulation the dogs get with different smells that come with different paths.

Other benefits of daily dog walking:

-help control your dog’s weight

-better digestion

-mental and physical stimulation

-tired dogs that will likely rest while you are at work, this decreases their anxiety they can feel (may not always be seen on the outside depending on the dog) while you are at work.  Sometimes the anxiety comes out in the form of accidents, barking, or other behavioral issues.  These all are known to decrease with regular walks

-better socialized and well behaved dogs get daily dog walks

-less destructive behavior (chewing, getting into things, etc)

You may have the time and if so we highly encourage you to take your dog on daily dog walks and see what the difference can be in your dog!  Regular and consistent walks can change your dog for the better!

We will go over things to work on during your walks in an upcoming blog so stay tuned for more so you can get the most out of your walk with your dogs!

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