What is pet sitting? The Pet GurL’s most popular service explained.

Pet Sitting- what is it and how does it work with our company?

Years ago when you were to travel, the most known option was kenneling your furry babies. Your hands were tied with options, unless you had a family friend or close neighbor to help you out. Over time, some started realizing that kenneling can be hard on not only the pocketbook but also your pets. They are exposed to much more than they are during their time at your home. Stories of coming back with fleas, kennel cough, viruses passed between pets, and most notably high anxiety. We have clients that have told us stories of dogs, particularly already anxious ones, coming back traumatized. This is not a knock on kennels. There are a lot of great ones out there, especially in Lexington.   But it is not the same as home. Even the best hotel for us humans doesn’t compare to spending the night in our beds right? So why would it be different for our fur friends?

Pet sitting has been around on a much smaller level but in recent years it is becoming much more common. As common as it is and as big of a client base we have gained over the years, there are still many that contact us with the basic question- what is it exactly that you offer?

Pet sitting is one of our main services. Whether our clients are traveling for work, family vacation, short weekend travel, etc. they call us. If they are a first time client, we will schedule a consultation before the planned trip. We recommend you plan ahead, as we run a very busy business and it has become harder and harder to accommodate last minute requests, although my heart strings will be pulled and I always try, I can’t always do so. So we setup a 30 minute free consult to go over the routine of your pets and the layout of the home. At this time we get acquainted with the pets and will need to gain access to house for the time you are away. Our policy is to keep 2 keys on file, which we will collect at the consult. Will go over the why’s of some of our policies in a future blog. We get you setup with our online system so you can update your profile and make sure there were no missing pieces at the consult, and we send you the confirmation schedule and invoice, which you pay before your services start. So that’s that but back to pet sitting…

The basic idea of pet sitting is your pets stay in your home, THEIR HOME, and the comforts of their own environment. You leave your pets for work, shopping, or social events right? And they likely do fine. This is no different and just an extended period time. We will work with you to make it as normal as possible for your pets and keep them on your daily routine with feeding, potty breaks, playtime, medication, and anything else that may be part of their days. Our sitters have dealt with all types of pets and all types of personalities. We know the anxious, excited, scared, nervous, and high energy types.

How many times will you come?

We will come as many times as you need. Our basic getaway package starts at 2 visits a day. This is your basic morning and evening visits. This is good for certain dogs who are use to a schedule of a working family or one for a middle age dog and not in need of the extra potty times.

Our most popular request is 3 visits a day. The times can vary but typically this would include a morning, dinner time (4-6pm) and late night visit. We can work around this depending on what we decide is best for your bunch. We do have requests for 4 visits a day as well. This would include a morning, noon, dinner, and late evening visits. Each visit revolving around the getaway package is at least 30 minutes. We don’t watch the clock and a lot of times are known to stay longer until everything gets done. We would never leave anything out because 30 minutes is up. That is important to know. So while 30 minutes is a good number to work with, we will NEVER rush your visit. You can also always purchase one of our longer visits. All sits are very customizable. We monitor each visit through Leashtime, our online scheduling software, to ensure we are always meeting times. This is extremely important to our business as it is to our clients.

What about cat only families?

We have a lot of cat clients that opt for the 2 visits a day package. This works with a lot of feeding schedules, and to make sure homes with more than one cat are getting their fair share of food. Medication is also another big reason for 2 visits a day for cats. We happily will do as many as you think is necessary. However we do have a minimum of 1 visit a day for any household. After many years in this business, we have seen it all and without visiting your home at least once a day for a well check on your cat, we could possibly be missing something crucial to their health. Maybe the cleaning people came on that day off? We have had this happen where cats were let out and without a daily visit, we would not have been able to know this and the poor kitties would be stuck outside and out of their element. We have 100% avoided bad situations by requiring this so will continue to do so. Even if you don’t feel your cat needs a daily visit, you never know what can happen. Consider it a well check on your home as well and wouldn’t you want your home checked daily as opposed to a few times a week, while you are gone? I know I like to know everything is OK when I am gone- always! It’s a small price to pay for 100% piece of mind!

So to sum it up. Pet sitting is a service offered where a pet sitter comes to your home and tries to keep your pets on the same routine as much as possible while you are away. Visits are always customizable and about your family and their particular needs. You do not take your pets anywhere, you can leave and come back and everything is as you left it. Your pets are less stressed and you keep them in a familiar environment without being exposed to the many things you can be at a kennel that can be a detriment to your pets health. For your pet sitting needs in the Lexington, Kentucky area visit our site for pet sitting rates and more at www.thepetgurl.com or call our toll free number and we will set you up with a sitter for your free 30 minute consultation 1-844-Pet-GurL

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