Who wants to be a Pet GurL???

Interested in becoming a PET GURL? Go to the Become a Pet GurL page and follow the next steps!

Why are we looking for some new Pet GurLs?

Our company has tripled, possibly quadrupled in growth in just over a year.  Since 2011 when I started this business, things have gone to a level I never could have dreamed of.  The best part of this? That means we are in a town full of animal lovers and when you work with The Pet GurL, you get to experience love like never before day in and day out.

But as the old saying goes “there isn’t enough time in the day” and that is true now more than ever. We have 5 of us total now but with varying schedules and living in different areas, compiled with the growth we are experiencing, we are in need of more help! So if you are reading this, that is where you come in!

This job keeps you on your toes and can be a little unpredictable at times. A few situations that come up a lot-

Client gets called into work last minute and needs your help with a walk

Client had a family member or friend back out of their pet care the week of

Client had a long trip that suddenly was cancelled because of a family emergency

Client returned home early from a trip and no longer needs the last visit(s)

New clients calling within a short time of leaving for a vacation and we must try and fit in not only their sits, but new client consultation as well

And the list goes on….

 To better serve Lexington and our clients, we want to have availability for any and every situation that comes up. It is becoming more and more apparent that we really need to dedicate more time in the office and less out in the field as owners of this business.  As sad as that makes me, this is the only way to do things if we want to be able to respond to every call, email, scheduling request, and just the ins and outs of keeping a business running.

You are probably reading this because you or someone you know has an interest in learning more about the opportunity. At the bottom and top of this page, you will find our AD for this position that goes over details of what we are looking for.  We want this job to be one that works for the people we bring on as much as work for us as a company. It may not be for everyone but for the right people, it can be perfect. We hope you will contact us and we can go from there.

Interested in becoming a PET GURL?  Go to the Become a Pet GurL page and follow the next steps!

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