Top 10 Things Not to Feed your Dogs and Cats


Thanks to our insurance company, Pet Sitter’s Associates, LLC for compiling the age old question- can my pet have that? Here is what your pets CAN’T Have.

Ten Things Not To Feed Your Dog Or Cat

I spend a large portion every day talking to pet owners about what to feed their dog or cat to maintain an ideal weight and to keep them healthy. On occasion I also have the opportunity when discussing what the pet eats to talk about what not to feed them. With this in mind, I felt the best way to bring attention to these things was to come up with a list of 10 foods not to feed your dog or cat.

10 things not to feed your dog:

1. Chocolate, tea, coffee, caffeine – these foods and drinks contain substances that can cause severe or even fatal heart or nervous system problems and should never be given.
2.Grapes, raisins or currants – contain an unknown toxin that can cause kidney failure.
3.Xylitol containing gum or candy – can cause severe low blood sugar or liver failure.
4.Garlic, onion, or chives – contain a substance that can cause anemia. This includes garlic and onion powder in prepared foods.
5.Corn on the cob – pieces of the cob can be swallowed and cause a bowel obstruction.
6.Bones that splinter or can be swallowed – certain bones can cause lacerations to the mouth or digestive tract or cause obstruction.
7.Raw eggs – contain an enzyme in the egg white called Avidin, which prevents the absorption of a B-Vitamin called biotin which can lead to skin and hair coat problems.
8.Avocado – contain a substance called Persin, which causes vomiting and diarrhea.
9.Liver – when fed in large quantities causes Vitamin A toxicity causing bone and muscle problems.
10.Fish – raw, canned or cooked when fed exclusively or in large quantities a Thiamine deficiency leading to anorexia, seizures, an in severe cases death.

10 things not to feed your cat:

1.Chocolate, coffee, tea or caffeine -for the same reason as dogs.
2.Canned tuna for human consumption and raw fish – when fed exclusively or in high amounts can cause thiamine deficiency similar to dogs.
3.Grapes, raisins, or currants – same as dogs
4.Nuts – some nuts like macadamia nuts contain an unknown toxin causing intestinal, nervous system or muscle problems. Also if swallowed can cause a bowel obstruction.
5.Xylitol gum or candy – same as dogs
6.Baby food – many times contain onion powder, which can cause anemia when fed exclusively for in large quantities. Also is not completely balanced for a cat.
7.Onions and Garlic raw, cooked or powder – contain sulfoxides and disulfides which cause anemia. Cats are more sensitive than dogs, and onion is more toxic than garlic.
8.Dog food – if fed repeatedly causes taurine deficiency, which can cause malnutrition and heart disease.
9.Bones – can cause obstruction or lacerations of the digestive system.
10.Raw meat – may contain ecoli or salmonella causing diarrhea or vomiting.

Many of the foods listed can be used occasionally or as part of a balanced diet, but if not using a commercially prepared diet consult your veterinarian or an animal nutritionist.

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