What to do with your pets on Spring Break?

Spring Break- What about my pets??spring pic

Spring is in the air! The greenery is starting to pop up again around Lexington, birds are chirping, and the weather is divine! It is the time of year we get outside more and start thinking about getting away. With spring break just around the corner, this is a busy time for the pet sitting side of our company as well. The week of spring break rivals some of our busiest summer months and we absolutely love it! Being that it is turning into that time of year where we all are thinking about traveling more, I thought we would review your options for pet care. While we know we offer great service options when it comes to pet sitting, we also know that you have other options as well. We want every pet OK and safe and if we are not a good fit, then we will help you find what is.

Here is a list of your options for pet care when you travel-



-Pet Sitting Company- multiple visits in your home. Your pet stays comfortable, in a routine similar to what you provide while you are home, and you have the added bonus of your house being checked on while you travel

-Vet boarding- a few vets in town have the option of boarding. This can be an option for a pet with serious health issues or where staying in your home Is not a viable option. They are usually crated during the stay and may or may not get playtime depending on the facility.

-Upscale boarding facility- places such as @Uptown Hounds or LexPets provide a service where your pet stays in a crate or for an upgrade a room and you can also add playtime to your visits.   This is a good option for dogs that do OK away from home and for some puppies so you can pay for the upgraded playtime and get them some socialization while you are away.

-Overnight care in your home- pet sitting companies will also offer more round the clock care where they will stay in your home during the duration of your trip. This is a good option for overly anxious dogs and dogs not use to being alone. This service has a limited number of spaces due to the nature of it, so planning ahead is key.

Boarding in someone else’s home- ask your pet sitting company if they have a sitter that offers this if you are interested in boarding in another person’s home. Due to insurance liability reasons, we are no longer offering this to new clients but we have some referrals we can pass along so feel free to email us about them!

How to find the right place for your pet?

  • Evaluate your pet’s personality, how are they away from home?

  • Look online for reviews and prices

  • Interview a few options to see which one you are most comfortable with

  • Let your pet help you- how do they react to the facility or pet sitter?

Remember, planning ahead is key! No matter which option you choose, make sure you give ample notice as this time of year places fill up spaces fast! If you are interested in scheduling a consult with The Pet GurL for spring break, call 1-844-PET-GURL or email us at info@thepetgurl.com to get started!

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