Pet Hair Don’t Care…

Today I want to talk about hair. And no not the fact that it is impossible to have a good hair day in this thick humid air we experience in the middle of a Kentucky summer. I want to talk about PET hair. Chances are if you have a pet, you have had challenges with your pets hair. Hair in the corners, on and under your furniture, on your clothes, and in or on places that you don’t even think would be possible. Whether it’s a cat or dog or another furry loveable friend, their hair can add a lot of frustrations to your day even if part of what made you fall in love is that fluffy little (or big) mane of theirs. So why does it happen and how do you control it? 

First as my son says 100 times a day lately, WHY?? 

Some common reasons why dogs and cats shed-

Lack of nutrition- best nutrition for dogs is dog food. It gives them everything they need. They may prefer human food but best food for them is dog food. 

Stress- stress can cause shedding. Who knew? We can’t always avoid stressing out our babies but if you can minimize it, you may find less hair as an added bonus!

Seasonal- I always assumed dogs shed more in the summer. It’s actually shedding season in spring and later in the fall. 

Health- pets in general may start losing hair as they get older or come down with certain health conditions. If You notice a sudden onset of hair loss, contact your vet. 

Females- we have all the hair issues so wouldn’t you know female dogs she more than their male counterparts. 
Now that we understand why it happens. Here are some tips for your pet and home to manage the hair. Here are some tips for keeping the hair manageable. 
Tips for your pets 

Brushing and more brushing- we know it’s a chore but daily brushing is your number one weapon in controlling shedding. We love the furminator for our shedding pups. Easy to remove those clumps of hair without creating a bigger mess in the process

Bathing-bathing your pet will also help control shedding and make the coat all healthier all around. 

Grooming-whether you did it yourself or have consistent grooming appointments, this helps keep the hair healthy and prevent shedding. 

Natural remedies/tips- I am big into natural remedies for my whole family. This includes my fur babies. Coconut oil added to their diet is an excellent way to help shedding and the general health/look of their coat.  Add a teaspoon of oil per 10lbs of your dog. I melt some and add in their food. They love it! If you don’t have coconut oil, olive oil gives the same benefits. Other supplements good for fur- fish oil and vitamin E. Vinegar can help relieve dandruff and many other skin conditions that cause shedding. Yogurt added to food has many skin and hair benefits (I add a big spoonful of plain yogurt one time a day mixed in food). Just as I treat my kids skin issues with oatmeal, same can help dogs!

Water!!! Fresh water is so simple yet helpful in helping with dry skin that leads to shedding. 

Now that we have your pets covered, how to care for the places the hair gets that drives you crazy!

Your clothes- use a lint roller to remove hair from clothes. I keep a small one in my car at all times. Use dryer sheets and white vinegar in wash  when doing laundry will help separate hair from clothes. 

Furniture- if it’s upholstered furniture, use a lint roller. Harder wood surfaces, use a microfiber cloth to remove hair that the static electricity causes. 

Car- use a lint roller (another reason to throw one in glove compartment) to remove hair. Carefully go over interior of car with a pumice stone for PREVENTING hair from sticking to interior. 

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