We are the first and only owners of our company and have grown from our own hard work and dedication!  Erin moved here in 2010 and saw the need for the service after wanting to travel for Christmas and no longer having family to help her watch her fur babies.  She couldn’t get anyone to call her back and right then a light when off in her head.  There was a need in this town!  And so it began.  With her heart leading the way, she started getting her name out there. Not having the benefit of knowing many people in town, it was up to her to get people to know they had a new option in town and she did!  A scary part for her was growing but years into this business she realized there was only one of her and much more people needed care.  Timing was great as Erin’s parents decided to move to Lexington from Dallas, Texas in 2014.  What better person to help grow than Erin’s mom?  So Melissa came on board in 2014 and learned this business in and out.  Together they have worked long hours, 365 days a year since she has been on.  In 2015 we realized even with 2 of us we needed more help.  Through a very careful screening process, we have found sitters that have the heart and love for this as we do.  Together we have fun every day walking, sitting, picking up meds, taking dogs to groomers/vets, house sitting overnight, having some pets in our homes.  We do it all and there is never a dull moment!

What differentiates us?  We go above and beyond- all of us! We will make extra visits if we see the need, pick up your broom and sweep up hair even if we aren’t asked, clean bowls, take out your trash, etc.  Your friends and family may not be inclined to do the same, and that’s OK but that’s why hiring a professional pet sitters has so many benefits!


We have gone to sit and wait for plumbers, fixed broken thermostats, taken dogs to emergency vet visits, gone to get dog food if owners left town in a hurry, picked up meds from the vet if dogs were low, and much more.  We go above and beyond all the time.

I always tell potential clients to check out our Facebook page. Not only does it give unbiased reviews, but it is a good way to see what our daily life is like for the pet sitting clients we do have. Find us on Facebook- The Pet GurL, LLC