New Clients- Getting Started

New Clients- what is your process?

This is a lengthy explanation about getting started with us. If you are ready and know you want to schedule a meeting, you can skip ahead and fill out our REQUEST INFO link and someone will get back to you shortly to setup a meeting.


We have a toll free number, cell phones (used after meeting sitter), email addresses, and most recently we have streamlined the process to give you an online form that automatically sets you up in our system and speeds up our processes.

The BEST way by far to get setup with us, is to click on our “Request Info” link on the first page of our site. You are welcome to call and email as well, no problem! However when you click on this link, it goes right to our software, we can set you up as a client with one click, and you are in our system just like that! You can specify whether or not you want a meeting and we can get it scheduled with the sitter in your area in a matter of minutes.

Due to the nature of our business, our entire staff is out in the field, and our owners more so than anyone. We are balancing running a business but also caring for a lot of long time clients and new as well. Some weeks we are out 7 days a week up to 18 hours a day. This type of job leaves us in the car A LOT and the other time we are spending with your pets. It leaves administrative work at odd hours which may not always coincide with other schedules. While we have our phones on us 24/7, it is much easier if you can help give us a start by inputting your information into the system through the link. It speeds up the process tenfold.

Some people like to hear a voice, and so of course if you are more comfortable calling, you are welcome to do so. We provide a toll free number for those that would rather speak first. That number is 1-844-Pet-GurL

Email is another option. Our main email is

Process after contact-

  1. We will set you up in our scheduling system where you will get a username and password from us.

  2. You will receive our terms when you login for the first time. Review and be ready to ask any questions at your meeting. Accepting the terms does not obligate you to go with us, it is just something we share upfront so you know if we are a good fit for your family (and we hope we are!)

  3. We will send you your meeting confirmation by email with your sitter

BEFORE YOUR MEETING- what you need to do-

  1. Use your login and update your profile before your meeting. This allows your meeting to focus on reviewing and your sitter can make sure nothing is missing and establishing a new relationship with your sitter and your fur babies

  2. Have TWO keys ready before your first consult.

  3. If you know your scheduled visits, you can go ahead and input that in the system, otherwise, your sitter will help you decide during your meeting


  1. You will be sent a confirmation of your scheduled visits shortly after your meeting, if you haven’t already.

  2. A few days before your visits start, you will receive an invoice to pay by check or Paypal

  3. Review your profile for any last minute changes or additions

  4. Leave the rest to us!

Now your FUTURE VISITS are EASY! All you have to do is click on the CLIENT LOGIN button ( on our home page, LOGIN, select visits and it is submitted to our office and approved within 24 hours. You can update your profile at any time! No more leaving notes each time, we have it all there.

There you have it. Our process of getting started with The Pet GurL, LLC. If you are not sure what your login is, email our office at and we will send you a temporary one to get you logged in.