Pet GurL FAQs



What areas do you service? We currently service Fayette County. We are always actively looking for more sitters for not only Fayette County, but the surrounding counties as well. Please apply HERE if you are interested.



How much does pet sitting and dog walking cost? This is a very common question and one that really depends on so many factors. Some companies will charge you by the number of pets (we do not- the more the merrier). Some companies will charge you by starting with the bare basics of their service and add on things like mail retrieval, plants being watered, extra walks, etc. And then others will charge exclusively by the time. We are currently working on a concept in between all of these. We give you an idea of price on our site but ultimately we need to discuss specifics with you before we can quote you a price for YOUR situation and home. We do not want to be looking at the clock during your visit. We go until the job is done. That is the way it should be.



How do your appointments work? It is important to note that we cannot guarantee times. We can give you a window of time and work with that window to complete your visit. Our schedule for each sitter is scheduled to take in consideration many different factors. Due to unforeseen circumstances such as traffic, weather, emergencies, or the unpredictable nature of dealing with animals, it can take just one thing to throw our day off. We always try our absolute best to honor all requests. But we ask that our customers also be flexible with us as we are with your changing schedules and understand. The further in advance you book, the better. Last minute requests are currently honored, but harder to guarantee the time.


How do I go about giving my sitter a key? We have recently changed our policies so that our clients will need to provide two physical copies before their next visit. This is to not only have your regular sitter have a copy on them at all times but for us to keep a backup in the office in the case of an emergency either on our client’s end or the sitter’s end. Think about you returning from a vacation and your flight is delayed, what would you do if your regular sitter also had an emergency or was traveling right after you? A backup copy in our office would guarantee your pet’s would still be taken care.


Current clients with ONE key on file can leave a second copy of their key inside and your sitter will take care of bringing it to our office.


New clients will need to provide two keys at the consultation. If you do not have two copies ready at that time, you can leave them before your first visit or drop them at our office- 321 Zandale Drive. We will no loner come to your house after the first consultation to pickup keys without a charge for the time. A $10 charge is due immediately for key pickup. While we wish we could pick up every key and drop it off for every client after every sit, this takes away from our daily walks and vacation clients and often very hard to fit into our already busy days. We appreciate your understanding on this new process.



What type of payment do you accept? When is payment due?


We currently accept cash, check, and Paypal which is found through our site at www.thepetgurl.com/payments


Payment is due at the time of service. Unless we have a prearranged agreement, all payment must be received before services are rendered. Again, our focus is on the time we can spend with your babies and things like running around collecting payment.


Do you have insurance? YES! We hope that any pet sitting service you consider would have bonding and liability insurance. This protects your pet, home, and property. We hold our insurance and bonding through Pet Sitter’s Associates, LLC. You can find out more information on their site www.petsitllc.com


Do you board pets in your home or go to other people’s home? We currently only care for pets in YOUR home. We no longer offer any boarding type options.


Do you charge more for multiple pets? We do not have an add on for additional pets. However if we believe the care will be more extensive, there may be an additional per visit charge. We reserve the right to add an additional charge if the visit takes longer than the agreed upon amount of time.

Do you charge extra for holidays and if so which ones?  Effective November 2016, we will add a $5.00 surcharge to any holiday visits. The holidays will also include any weekends surrounding the holiday, for instance, Memorial Day and Labor Day weekend.  Due to the demand on the holidays, we need to be able to offer incentive for our sitters to stay the entire weekend and not just the holiday itself. We pride ourselves in being a company available 365 days a year but that also means we give up a lot of important time with our own families to accodmodate requests. The surcharge will go directly to the sitter again so we can compensate them for taking time away from their family and life on these holidays.


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