Inclement Weather Policy

The Pet GurL Inclement Weather Policy

As we grow and change as a company, we are constantly re-evaluating our policies and what will work best for both our clients, sitters, and pets alike. Seeing that it is Kentucky, we may be almost done with winter or we may still be beginning, you never know!

The inclement weather in Kentucky we are referring to would be snow, ice or any weather that makes traveling the roads dangerous or where the sitter and or pet would be in danger at that time. While we do our absolute best to make it to every visit that we schedule, there are times we have tried and been unable to or that our sitters have been put in dangerous situations due to the weather. So the following is based on previous experience and will be amended as needed to make sure everyone is safe and pets are taken care of in all inclement weather situations.

In the case of severe weather, The Pet GurL will prioritize visits in the following matter-

  1. Vacation visits will be prioritized. In this case we assume that owners are out of town and these pets will become first priority to get to in the case of inclement weather. Depending on road conditions, The Pet GurL will assign the sitter that is able to make the visit best so keep in mind, this may NOT be your regular sitter. We have sitters in different areas of town and to keep our sitters safe, we may have to make the decision to change routes or assignments for that day.

  2. Hospital or Medical Professional Workers- we have a lot in the medical profession that are required to work, no matter the weather conditions. These clients will come next in priority.

  3. Walking clients that are home during this time, we reserve the right to cancel during these times

  4. We will discuss other arrangements when extreme weather conditions are predicted. This may include taking pets to our home in preparation for an event or contacting emergency contacts in the case we absolutely can not get to your home. If you live in an area with hills or on streets not well plowed, we will keep this in mind when assessing the situation.

Please understand that due to the nature of these events, the time of your visits on these days will be dependent on many factors and may not reflect a normal day.

We ask that you either shovel or make arrangements to shovel your driveway and sidewalks in a timely manner (within 24 hours of the first snow). If we cannot pull into your driveway, we will make arrangements for it to be shoveled with an option of our choice. This is for not only the safety of our sitters and walkers but also your pets.