How to Request Visits

Here is a video from our software company, Leashtime, that explains how to request visits.  Please note that the background and company in this video will look a little different as it’s a generic instruction but the instructions are still the same.


When you go to schedule, you will see the following options in our dropdown menu for services.  Here is brief description of what each service is. You can also refer to services and look to see where each falls under in terms of packages.  Prices may not reflect your exact total as they are our general pricing and do not include extenuating factors or quotes we may have given in the past. We will confirm before your visit and adjust as needed.


Pet Sit Basic- This is our basic pet sitting package listed on our site.  This is our Getaway package and any additional visits you want to add. Visits in Pet Sit Basic are 30 minutes and include feeding, potty break, fresh water, cleanup, belly rubs, small house tasks, and of course lots of love!

Pet Sit Plus- Pet Sit Plus is an extended version of Pet Sit Basic. These visits are around 45 minutes or may be for more complex care that is anticipated to take more than your normal visit. If you wanted to get your dogs a walk longer than a potty break, you would select this option.

Pet Sit Long– These visits typically are an hour plus and are the best option to chose if you would like all the basics plus a little extra time with your fur babies included. Make a note on what you would like from this in terms of time so we can make sure to get you the right price.

Daily Dog Walk– This is our basic daily dog walking service option. If you are looking for a potty break visit or a 30 minute walk, select this option. Please note this is only for our walking clients that use us on a regular basis and not vacation clients. We can include walks in your vacation pet sits from one of the options above.

Daily Dog Walk Long-  If you are looking for a walk over 30 minutes, choose this option.  We will adjust your price based on your time either discussed at the consultation or by contacting our office if you are unsure.

Dog Park Trip- This service is taking your dog to and from the dog park.  Quotes are given based on the individual request so price again will email you your final confirmation.

Pet Taxi Service- If you need your dog taken to the groomer, vet, meds picked up, taken to another home, picked up from another home, or anything of this nature, you would select our pet taxi service.