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Here are some pictures of our favorite Lexington, Kentucky pets! We love pet sitting and walking these furry friends!

 photo IMG_4256.jpg

 photo IMG_4398.jpg

 photo IMG_4317.jpg

 photo IMG_4322.jpg

 photo 2012-12-31160547-1.jpg

 photo 2012-12-30172714.jpg

 photo 2012-12-25083624-1.jpg

 photo 2012-12-25083453.jpg

 photo 2012-12-25082102-1.jpg

 photo IMG_4033.jpg

 photo 2012-12-23072908.jpg

 photo 2012-12-17083634-Copy.jpg

 photo 2012-12-01160657.jpg

 photo 2012-02-03090440.jpg

 photo 2012-02-02102447.jpg

 photo 2012-01-07202327.jpg

 photo 2012-01-03113032.jpg

 photo 2011-12-28140248.jpg

 photo 2012-01-06114648.jpg

 photo 2012-01-06114645.jpg

 photo 2011-12-26205932.jpg

 photo Casper001.jpg

 photo octoberpics102.jpg

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